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Can you feel pressured because your partner wants more sex than you? Can you feel neglected because your spouse won’t make love as often as you wish to? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone any couple who has been together for any real-time experience a different amount of sexual desire.

However, sexual incompatibility doesn’t mean that the end of an otherwise great relationship. If you are willing to reassess your attitudes, negotiate your sexual needs and talk about your Birmingham escort agency lives fairly and respectfully, you can recover the familiarity and closeness that is weakening in your relationship.

How serious is the low libido problem?

One survey revealed that 33.4% of girls and 15.5% of men reported a lack of sexual interest. Although losing interest in sex may not be as common an occurrence for guys as it is for girls, but if men eliminate interest in sex, it scares them much more because their masculinity is indeed connected to their sexuality.

Loss of libido additionally makes men more likely to be miserable about the rest of their lives than it will for girls. Just 23% of guys with loss of libido say they still feel pleased about life in general versus 46 % of girls.


Libido reduction does not usually happen suddenly. It’s a gradual procedure. When most relationships begin, there’s a high level of passion and sexual frequency. Birmingham escort agency Sex frequently happens effortlessly and spontaneously, and desire feels mutual due to the newness of discovering one another in addition to the newness of their connection. After about 18 months, this newfound enthusiasm and intrigue start to wane, and different sexual routines can begin to emerge. It can feel confusing and disheartening, and you may question whether you are sexually compatible or still enjoy your spouse.

Desire changes for a variety of factors. Anxiety, fatigue, depression, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, certain medication types, and ill-health can contribute to issues. Hormonal changes may lead to loss of libido, and any underlying resentment or anger towards your spouse will also interfere with your motivation to be intimate.

What to avoid?

Among the most destructive mistakes, you can blame another for the different levels of sexual interest. Often the individual with the reduced sex drive is being targeted as the leading cause of the problem. This can lead to the accused individual acquiring defensive, which can lead to more Birmingham escort agency significant sexual frustration.

The Way to face up to low libido

A significant step would be to acknowledge that both of your different people with unique degrees of desire. After all, if your urges to eat, sleep, socialize, or exercise is not likely to be perfectly matched with your spouse’s, the same can also happen to your sexual drive. Both also need to take responsibility for fixing this matter and making the necessary adjustments and alterations.

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